Interview with Emanuel Pastreich, independent candidate for president of the United States of America, on 9.11 Truth "Richard Gage 911: Unleashed" March 13, 2023 Richard Gage: We have an incredible opportunity for you today, Emanuel Pastreich, who is running for president, and is…
"How Korea was taken over by the COVID19 Terror"Watch now (18 min) | Emanuel Pastreich speech for COVID 19 Pandemic Investigation Committee of KOrea (July, 2020)
The elite have created armies of paid fake left and fake right groups
and the Silicon Valley Bank circus
“Richard Gage 911: Unleashed”
Bankrupt banks, Ayn Rand, and our grim future
When people think of the great attack on humanity, they often refer to 9.11, the start of the Iraq war, the COVID-19 operation, or the Russian invasion…
Une nouvelle alliance franco-américaineWatch now (12 min) | Une nouvelle alliance franco-américaine Emanuel Pastreich Discours Une nouvelle alliance franco-américaine Mesdames et Messieurs…
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