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Shut down the COVID 19 Operation Now!


Shut down the COVID 19 Operation Now!

Emanuel Pastreich

Independent Candidate for President

Everyone around you is saying that COVID 19 is over, but it is not, not even close.

A few politicians have said a few words about some vaccines not being safe, or suggested that “mistakes were made” but they are not anywhere near ready to talk about what really happened, about your sufferings under a criminal regime, or about what must be done now.

Like victims of child abuse afraid of their parents, the best that they can suggest is that things are getting better now and that maybe, one day, we will have safe vaccines.

And what about all the people who were killed by those dangerous vaccines designed to destroy the immune system?

What about all those suffering from cancer, heart disease, infertility, and a gambit of other diseases, are they are just supposed to accept this travesty—worrying every night about when a new illness will result? Are we supposed to chalk it up to bad luck?

The evidence is all there. The only problem is the cowardice, the greed, and the hypocrisy of the ruling class.

We are not talking about medical mistakes, or even about the unaccountability of big pharma here. We are taking about crimes on a massive scale, rivaling the mass murder of civilians undertaken by the Nazis.

The fact that mainstream newspapers, television news, and even the alternative news blogs that we are forced to rely on have decayed into variety shows that give us scraps of science, ideology, and rhetoric so as to confuse and to mislead us, does not alter reality.

I am independent candidate for president of the United States of America and I say, “enough is enough!” What do you think?

These crimes must end, and they must end now. The billionaires like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos who conspired with other billionaires to pull this off are not your friends—although they pay billions of dollars to convince you that they are.

They must go down, one and all. The bogus Covid 19 vaccines must stop and the wide range of dangerous vaccines used by multinational pharmaceutical companies to destroy your health must end.

Then, and only then, can we start to clean up COVID 19.

First, the assets of all the pharmaceutical companies that developed these “vaccines,” of all the multinational media corporations that promoted the COVID 19 hoax, of all the investment banks and private equity funds like BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America that invested in the companies that promoted the hoax, and the assets of all the super-rich who funded the project secretly (or openly) must be confiscated.

Just as you or I would be thrown in jail and our assets confiscated if we engaged in mass murder, so also is true for billionaires.

They are also human, if barely. They are not gods; they are not divine.

The assets seized will be used to pay reparations to those who have been injured by the vaccines, by the PCR tests, by the illegal lockdowns that intentionally destroyed local economies, and by the cruel and meaningless “social distancing” measures implemented to destroy the lives of ordinary citizens. 

All wealth that was accumulated by corporations, governments, hospitals, research institutes, foundations, and individuals as part of this criminal operation must be confiscated. We cannot compensate victims with government funds drawing on taxes paid by the citizens. We must use the ill-gotten fortunes of these criminals.

Second, the major figures at the Gates Foundation (including Bill and Melinda Gates), at the World Economic Forum (including Klaus Schwab), at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and their Chinese, Israeli, German and other associates, at The Wellcome Trust, and at the major multinational corporations like Pfizer and Moderna who were responsible for the development of, and the promotion of, these deadly “vaccines” will be arrested and tried for their crimes.

All fraudulent claims that vaccines are exempt from liability because of federal law will be overthrown because 1) those laws were adopted in a deeply unconstitutional and unethical manner; 2) the data used to justify vaccines was fabricated and thus no liability exemption can exist.

Third, all documents related to the COVID 19 operation in the United States, Israel, France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and elsewhere, must be fully declassified so that investigations and trials can be conducted in a meaningful manner and the corrupt relationship between corporations, billionaires, governments and the institutions of global governance made clear to the world.

Moreover, the politicians and government officials who promoted the COVID19 hoax, who followed orders from lobbyists and corporate representatives to enact COVID19 laws, directives, and lockdowns, and who obeyed directions from the lackeys of the super-rich, will be removed from office, and, in many cases, will be jailed.

Four: The development of long-term treatments for the diseases suffered by those injected with these “vaccines” will be made a critical subject for medical research and given substantial funding.

Research on the long-term treatment of the damage to the body of nano-sensors, nano-robots, graphene oxide, aluminum and mercury, and the other toxic substances contained in these vaccines, and in other vaccines, will be launched.

Future vaccines, and other medications, will subject to rigorous scientific evaluation by experts who derive no financial benefit from corporations. The results of tests, and the contents of all vaccines, will be fully disclosed to the world.

Five: new healthcare policies will be adopted in the United States that take the profit out of drugs and out of medical treatment. The experts paid off by the pharmaceutical lobby to distribute fraudulent materials to promote dangerous medications, to give false testimony before Congress and before other institutions, will be jailed.

Six: The true and complete story of how this COVID19 hoax was hatched, and implemented on a global scale, starting with the cooperation of corrupt elements in the military in the United States and China, will be described in detail for the public in articles, books, and other materials and will be made an essential part in history books employed in schools and universities.

When, and only when, these tasks have been achieved, we will be able to say that the COVID19 pandemic is nearing its end.  

Until then, we live in a totalitarian society dominated by a criminal class of the billionaires who use biotechnology and nanotechnology to destroy our bodies and to control us.

I am running for president as an independent candidate and I demand action immediately against these criminals. Contact me and join our movement.

Emanuel Pastreich