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End the World War 5G


We spent decades preparing to fight the Second World War again and we piled up over-priced fighter planes, flawed tanks, bulky battle ships, and antiquated aircraft carriers that now rust away in silence.

But the next world war, and more critically, the next civil war, are shaping up to be fundamentally different in nature, if not in motivation.

The war has already started. The drive to implement 5G microwave electronic broadcast across the United States, and around the world, as a follow up to the push for the COVID-19 vaccines that contain nano-devices and the electricity-responsive toxin graphene oxide, is an indication that we are about to enter the next stage of this war. The conflict of Ukraine, real or imagined, is dwarfed in comparison.

When I say that it is a war over slavery, just like the civil war of 1861 to 1865 was, the comparison is not idle.

In the 1850s in America, slavery was expanding, the rights of slave owners over runaway slaves was strengthened, and the rights of Americans were in decline. The aristocracy of the South, with finance from the North, had taken steps to render all common men without land in the South, black or white, the equivalent of slaves before the law.

The abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison denounced this catastrophe, as he would surely have denounced mRNA vaccines and unregulated 5G radiation. He attacked those who were silent about slavery thus:

“They who desire me to be dumb on the subject of slavery, unless I will open my mouth in its defense, ask me to give the lie to my professions, to degrade my manhood, and to stain my soul. I will not be a liar, a poltroon, or a hypocrite, to accommodate any party, to gratify any sect, to escape any odium or peril, to save any interest, to preserve any institution, or to promote any object. Convince me that one man may rightfully make another man his slave, and I will no longer subscribe to the Declaration of Independence. Convince me that liberty is not the inalienable birthright of every human being, of whatever complexion or clime, and I will give that instrument to the consuming fire. I do not know how to espouse freedom and slavery together.”

We face such a moment again when freedom is promoted in the media and slavery is the reality on the ground. The bogus vaccines to weaken the body through mRNA, the 5G assault on the body and mind, the degraded educational and journalistic content that we drown in, all of this is aimed at reducing us to slavery, those of us who survive.

At the core of the drive for a new slavery, in response to false gods of finance, lies the cynical extension of the methods for creating meat at factory farms into the governance of man. The destruction of the genetic code of cows and pigs that rendered them as a helpless GMOs is being repeated right now as our citizens are made GMOs by vaccination.

The identification and tracking of cows and pigs by QR codes will soon be a universal reality for all of us.   

The feeding of slop pumped full of chemicals to cows and pigs is identical with the feeding to our citizens of chemical-laden processed foods churned out by multinational corporations. And the endless injection of cows and pigs with growth hormones, stimulants and, yes, a range of bogus vaccines, is the precise model for what is being done to us.

Cows and pigs are worse than chattel today. They are like flies to the wanton technocrats and bio-fascists who kill them for their sport. Those cows and pigs are our leaders. They show us the way to the grim future that awaits us.

The process for rendering us as slaves can be divided into four steps.  

The first step is the demolition of constitutional rights and the creation of a metastasized corporate-government administrative structure that is accountable to no one and that makes all long-term policy in response to demands from the super-rich, multinational investment banks and IT monopolies like Facebook, Amazon and Google (Alphabet).

This horrific rape of democracy has been going for a long time. The Federal Reserve and Department of the Treasury were outsourced in toto to global finance already starting in the Clinton years.

The second step is the destruction of the local economy so that citizens can no longer produce anything for themselves and must obtain food, services and all products from multinational corporations. At the same time, they can only find work in organizations run, directly or indirectly, by such multinational corporations.

This step towards economic slavery, although undetectable to the naked eye, fundamentally altered the structure of society through the concentration of wealth and the loss of independent thinking among citizens, and does so to a degree that is not easily reversed.

A class of billionaires, like the antebellum Southern planters, has emerged that treats the rest of humanity as its slaves.

The third step is the destruction of bodily autonomy through the forced vaccinations and for-profit corporate medicine. We can trace the origins of this abomination back to John D. Rockefeller’s purchase of doctors and medical schools exactly one hundred year ago, but the process of decay has sped up exponentially. The corporate state stealthily has laid the foundations for a claim, by means of a bogus pandemic, to ownership of the bodies of all citizens.

The bombardment of citizens with advertising on TV, which they have no choice but to watch, that encourages the thoughtless use of pharmaceutical products detrimental to the body is also part of this campaign.

The fourth step is the destruction of spiritual autonomy and of intellectual freedom. The billionaires are set on creating a new class of trans-humans. Trans-humans are slaves who are dependent on AI, who have nano-devices in their blood and in their brains, and who are reduced to passive customers whose desires are dictated to them by corporations.

These four steps will render the entire population as physical, economic, spiritual, and intellectual slaves without the vast majority even being capable of understanding what is taking place.  

There is no sign of a meaningful opposition to the enforcement of vaccines and the illegal irradiation of citizens by 5G.   

We must go back to that brave decision of John Brown and his followers to oppose the secret and silent war of slavery against humanity at Harper’s Ferry on October 16, 1859.  

Do not deceive yourself into thinking that a criminal attack on citizens, on this scale, can be stopped by passing few laws or by a posting a few memes on Facebook.

The start of C-Band 5G service by AT&T and Verizon is scheduled for this month, January 2022, in the United States, a month that will live in infamy.

The Biden administration has pushed for it at every level to pay back its supporters in high tech, media, and global finance.

Thousands of medical and scientific studies have confirmed with undisputable evidence that high EMF’s (electric and magnetic fields) are dangerous. Thousands more scientists have signed petitions calling for the immediate halt of 5G deployment. Its negative impact on navigation in airplanes as well is a proven fact.

The bogus pandemic slowed down your mail service, and made it impossible to see a doctor, but construction of 5G networks has only sped up.

Vaccines, 5G and other schemes to control the us, and to play nations against each other, are part of the “Great Reset,” the “fourth industrial revolution.”    

This multi-trillion dollar scheme, promoted by the World Economic Forum, is a move to connect everyone to the grid, like it or not, and thereby enable those who control technology to have a complete lock on manufacturing, food production, sales, public services, transportation, finance, and education. It is not an accident that this plan is being pushed for at precisely the moment that the vaccines and 5G are deployed to destroy the capacity to resist.

Some 10,000 peer-reviewed clinical studies describe the molecular injury (damage to the DNA) that results from exposure to 5G and link that damage to the degradation of cellular function and organ function.

The impact on the brain of 5G is most obvious. The functionality of the brain is modified by exposure with resulting loss of memory and concentration, the onset of depression, and other long-term psychiatric conditions.

Diseases that can be traced directly back to 5G radiation include low fertility, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, heart attacks, and autism.  

Numerous studies, dismissed or ignored by the corporate media, show that COVID-19 vaccines are meant to ready the bodies of citizens for control via these powerful 5G irradiation platforms, broadcasting systems whose intensity can be increased without the knowledge of citizens.

The vaccines released by Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and others contain nano-devices and materials sensitive to electricity intended to create a direct link between 5G broadcasts and the functionality of the body.

Nano-routers, nano-antennas, and most importantly the toxin graphene oxide have been found in these fluids.

The nano-devices and microdots that can operate in the bloodstream and circulate though the body to the brain, are no fantasy. The Department of Defense’s research institute DARPA has conducted numerous projects in this field (many of which are classified, but some of which are accessible).

These devices can be activated by 5G radiation as they enter the nervous system—thus allowing for manipulation of the emotions, the thinking and the actions of the citizen via external stimulation.

Graphene oxide is attracted to electrical activity and therefore gravitates to the spine, the brain, and the heart: the organs that release the largest amounts of electricity. We have already witnessed the resulting heart attacks, and the sudden deaths, among athletes resulting from vaccines containing graphene oxide.

The combination of vaccines that contain nano-structures with the intensification of 5G broadcast will usher in the next stage of this war. You may be able to avoid a vaccination if you have money, or if you can work at home. But no one who interacts with society will escape the dangers of 5G.

We must first recognize the dire situation and end the psychology of denial and distraction.

We must first admit that we live under a complete dictatorship that cloaks its daggers and maces with the trappings of democratic process on minor issues.

This is what happens when a nation carelessly trusts presidents and legislators whose campaigns are bankrolled by the telecomm giants and Silicon Valley tyrants and listens to a media empire ruled by serial liars running disinformation campaigns for private interests.  

We must also think deeply about how we can create institutions that will replace these corrupt criminal syndicates that lead us to slaughter. That process is not a matter of elections, or of passing laws, or of interpreting the law by courts, or even of posting critical articles in newspapers. It is already far too late for that.

We must undertake a revolutionary transformation while at the same time remaining loyal to the Constitution and to our moral principles.

It will be an extremely difficult painful process. But, at this point, we have no choice.  

Emanuel Pastreich