Any "true" whistleblower with credibility who exposes the gangsterism of the national security is relentlessly tortured.

However, "supposed" whistleblowers lauded by MSNBC and granted "book deals" are security state stooges.

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I encourage you to read sacredmockingbird.com. Easily skimmed, many short interesting videos.

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Wow! Thanks for highlighting the plight of this whistleblower, (say his name) Joshua Shulte. Whistleblowers are necessary for revealing the corruption. The severe reaction against him makes you wonder what Chelsea Manning did to earn an early commutation from President Obama.

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Remember that those more than hundred and ten journalists murdered by Jews in Jewish Controlled Star of David Occupied Jewish Palestine since Oct. 7 were TARGETED using those software platforms and survellence systems and drones created by those Jewish autism spectrumy folk in Mossad, Unit 8200 and thousands of Jewish Owned companies in Tel Aviv and around the world!


"Politicians are not brave... We need a strong political discourse that upholds international law," IFJ Secretary said.

On Monday, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) organized a vigil in front of the European Union Council and the European Commission in Brussels to pay tribute to 113 media workers killed by Israeli forces in Gaza.

Accompanied by the National Union of Journalists and the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, the IFJ called for an immediate halt to war crimes against information professionals.

Journalists wearing press bulletproof vests surrounded a representation of a coffin symbolizing the journalists killed in Palestine.

They recited the names, ages, and dates of death of some of the deceased in a war that has an unprecedented "mortality rate compared to any other conflict in the last 100 years.

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Leaving out Jewish Fucking Values, that Isra-Hellion owned and operated systems of murder: Pegasus and Elbit with and the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Wadi Valley Tel Aviv and Little Tel Aviv Silicon Valley running this show on the US BOrder, on our own diplomats, on the leaders of countries far and wide.

Call it the Hannibal Epstein Directive.

Be aware that these systems are Jewish Systems. Call 'em Israeli, or fucking Zionist if you want to, but Isra-Hell and ZIonists are of course, in Jewish Occupied Jewis Star of David Occupied Palestine is JEWISH.

And those Jew in the media? Fucking A, no Netlfix or Amazon Prime movie about this Senor Schulte.

I hear those Jewish boys and girls calling for the death of boys and girls of Gazan was nominated for a Grammy.

And ZioAzovNaziLensky got a nod for his penis piano-man routine.


All's well in the Jewish dominated-controlled media, with the Grammies: All those dirty multi-millionaires showed their flesh and their fucking perverse jumping and girating around.

War Criminal Bride Obama Wins (sic) Another Grammy While Jews at Harvard Get the Kiddos Lock-stepping





More than a TEXAS ClintonBushObamaTrump fucking WALL: Jewish ELbit and all those dozens of software thugs working their billion dollar magic on our La Frontera!


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Sorry, but to be an empire you need an emperor, the United States is no empire.

Calling the United States of military occupation empire, is like trying to put lipstick on a baboon, or on a pig.

Sugarcoating colonialism with the term “empire” is an insult on world history.

A bit like calling settlements, squatted or stollen land, and settlers the thugs inhabiting it.

The American dream was turned into a world’s domination nightmare.

Colonialism have nothing to do with empires.

About spying software, they are also sugarcoated with the term “cookies”, you know, that thing you are forced to accept from the majority of internet sites in order to read their content.

The fear mongering campaign against truth tellers, is also BS designed to frighten people.

Hollywood stories of imprisoned “whistleblowers” have always existed, and the propaganda machine does nothing more than confirming them as what they are “Hollywood stories”

Stop being afraid means opening your eyes, and that is what they don’t want us to do.

Anyway thx

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