I have already ordered a transcript that I will edit and post soon. Only with transcript can I get it out to a broad audience.

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Thank you for your acknowledgement, and good sense.

Most sites ignore it. Brighteon deletes it!

Bitchute , rumble etc ignore it .

Thanks again.

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Sent here from LewRockwell.com.

I will listen, but did want to comment that I've met Richard Gage on a couple of occasions. The first was when Boston 9/11 Truth brought Richard to the area. He spoke in Newton, MA. Of course, he lines up and lays out the facts scrupulously. Yet, as I'd learned by that time, facts don't matter. They do, of course, but it is emotion that moves most people first. I raised my hand, complimented Richard on his efforts, and said, "Facts don't matter." It quieted the room.

If the obvious of the Sep 11th event could have dawned on Marblehead, as the expression in Boston goes, and the people of this country had acted as morality and justice demanded, I firmly believe that the Covid® operation could not have happened. This country and the world would have been a very different place.

That said, I think for many who saw the Covid® operation instantly or for whom the truth of it is dawning who still believe the official story of Sep 11, they may just be open enough to take another look at what they think they know about that terrible day. I certainly hope so.

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All the narratives we learned in school are just as Paul Simon described: crap

The War of Northern Aggression, WWI, WWIl and Ukraine have in common a fictionalized narrative, and Kennedy's to Covid is all nonsense too

Basically, it's just as Ron Unz said, history is just a compendium of contemporaneous propaganda.

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Outstanding. I much appreciate your knowledge and insight, your wisdom, your humility in admitting when you are not an "expert" on a given topic, and your plan of action.

One comment / piece of advice: please don't be defensive or obtuse about or put off or offended by "stupid" questions, or by the fact that there would have been a "better" question to ask. You have to realize, if you don't already, that the vast majority of Americans are ill-informed, dis-informed, ignorant, or worse -- arrogantly ignorant ("I know everything I need to know about [x], and if I don't know it or don't believe it, it's either not true or it's not important").

Use stupid questions to lay out basic fundamental facts / truth (over and over again if needed) and then give answers without acting as if they are stupid ... they probably ARE!! But that's what you need to deal with. If your ears are mainly attuned to "intelligent" questions, you're going to be preaching primarily to the choir and bypassing / talking over the majority of those who could and would probably benefit from your insight and wisdom.

God bless you ... carry on, soldier!

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Brilliance! I have also pursued chain of command and not just 9/11. No one but you have brought this up, to my knowledge. Extremely pleased with your decision to run. Thank you so much for your Substack.

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Mar 15, 2023·edited Mar 15, 2023

If you want your message to get out, you need to provide a transcript or post on YouTube.

None of the alternate sites will be bothered with captioning.

By relying on them, you are cutting out millions of hearing impaired Boomers who actually have money and make donations.

It's really shortsighted to ignore such a demographic, even in terms of profitability.

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