Speech in protest against the secretive Japan-US Joint Committee

February 1, 2024 In front of the New Sanno Hotel run by the US military in Tokyo

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I gave a brief speech peaking out against secret governance in the United States and Japan on February 1, addressing the Japan-US Joint Committee, the secret group of unaccountable bureaucrats in the US and Japan which planned the COVID 19 operation that left millions dead and that is planning for a world war, starting attacks on Iran next week.

Speech in protest against the secretive Japan-US Joint Committee

February 1, 2024

In front of the New Sanno Hotel run by the US military in Tokyo

Emanuel Pastreich

Independent Candidate for President of the United States

Hello everyone

My name is Emanuel Pastreich

I am an American and I also declared myself a candidate for president in the 2024 election. I made up my mind to create a new America.

Today I first want to say to all of you that I apologize as an American for the actions of the Japan-US Joint Committee.

America had lots of good points, but it has been transformed into an empire addicted to war. Now it has become an extremely dangerous country. For that reason, we must combine our efforts together with Japanese people and somehow manage to stop this secret governance.

As you all know, right now, representatives of the Japanese and US military are preparing for a war with Iran in there.

If that war starts next week, the Japanese economy will completely collapse. Food, petroleum, and other products will no longer be imported to Japan. And that war could easily expand into a world war.

For that reason, we must end this kind of classified governance, secret government. We must establish an equal relationship between Japan and the United States, And we must establish a healthy society through a relationship centered on the citizens.

In that sense, I promise that I will cooperate with you. I will also work with Kai Masayasu, and all of you, to seriously to get rid of this mistaken imperialism, starting with the Japan-US Joint Committee.

Thank you all very much.

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