Start the trials of the merchants of death

Stop the drive for world war

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Start the trials of the merchants of death

Stop the drive for world war

Emanuel Pastreich

Independent candidate for president

What a horrible moment for all of us, watching in slow motion the lifeblood drain out of all the institutions of government and education, journalism and the judicial system. No coincidence that this horrific transformation of America is taking place precisely as blood flows in Gaza and Rafah, as low-intensity conflict perfected in the occupied territories as a means of political control, is surreptitiously introduced to the United States along the Mexican border, in your local shopping mall, in your office building, and in your home through Viacom and Verizon.

Watching the twisted faces of Biden and Sullivan, Harris and Austin, the frozen expressions of dead men and women, of dead souls animated by only the passionate intensity of the insane as they recite sympathetic, polite, meaningless words like a prayerbook of the damned, and prepare behind the curtains a plan for a destruction that stretches to the horizon, and beyond.

We witness the United States, bound by the invisible chains of Oracle and Amazon, companies who have helped to outsource security and surveillance technology to an insane and suicidal Israel, we see that United States, one of the Siamese triplets of the Apocalypse, along with Israel and the United Kingdom, one dragging the other, never quite sure who is in front, pulled forward towards world war by the ancient spirits of the British Empire, the restless desires of the British East India Company that still possess sections of MI6 and the NSA.

The path is twisted, rude, indirect, and full of words about peace and the rule of law, but there can be no doubt about this path towards world war. The bloody road through Gaza and the West Bank, over Lebanon and Syria, to Sanaa, from Sanaa to Tehran, and from Tehran to Moscow and Beijing, is as clear as the sun in the blue sky.

The gathering of British and American warships in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea will not disburse until either the entire Middle East is flattened, perhaps radioactive, or the entire US-UK-Israel-NATO secret military intelligence complex is torn apart.

There is no third way.

The plans for ruthless domination of the entire region, the entire world, even if it means death for all, have been expressed explicitly by Prime Minister Netanyahu. His words represent precisely the desires of the psychopath class of multibillionaires like Larry Ellison who owns Netanyahu’s stock.

The goal of war with Iran that underlies this push in Tel Aviv, Washington, and London, whether carried out through media campaigns, assassinations, mysterious bombings, or other provocations, is the last tool in the shop that can prop up the decayed political systems of the United States, Great Britain, and Israel, and can ensure that a broken economic system focused on speculation, finance, growth, and consumption can be kept alive so that the members of the Biden and the Netanyahu administrations, and their billionaire backers, can stay out of jail.

Every single person in a position of authority in the United States, whether in the Congress or in the White House, in the Federal Government, in the universities, in the major newspapers, magazines, and news programs, or even in the alternative media dominated by limited-hangout figures like Tucker Carlson, Amy Goodman, and Joe Rogan, has already decided that they have better things to do than to risk their comfortable lives taking a stand against world war.

That position remains common sense for most of those with monetary assets and political access in America, even though it is clear that such a world war will leave hundreds of millions of dead, and perhaps result in an extinction-level nuclear war.

The subterranean iron triangle that binds together London, Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv is growing stronger; the connections between ordinary people and their governments are withering away.

We must also face the unpleasant fact that the governments of all the major nations in the world have been so corrupted by the hidden hand of finance and covert bribery, have had their government functions outsourced to multinational IT corporations, and that almost all politicians have become the puppets of banks, corporations, and the billionaires who lurk behind them.

There are no governments that we can rely on and we should not be deceived by those who suggest some sort of BRICS alternative.

All of us citizens, in Washington and London, in Paris and Moscow, in Tokyo and Beijing, must, together, build real governments from the foundations up, by hand, by community, brick, by brick, by brick.

Multinational corporations, private equity and investment banks, the so-called “private sector,” are not an alternative to government, nor are they a check on government. They are only another form of government that is even more opaque and repressive, that is global in scale, and that represents its stockholders’ interests, and nothing else.  

What do we do?

A global movement for peace, a campaign explicitly against world war—and war in general--must be undertaken by people, and that movement must be at least as well organized as the military and intelligence factions leading the current drive for war, and its leaders must be as at least as brave as them, and at least as global in their thinking.

We must build new institutions that are inspired, animated, with the spirit of justice, fairness, righteousness, and due process, ideas that date back to ancient times—and we must not depend on AI or social media traps. Those new institutions will be fundamentally ancient in their spiritual and ethical origins and they will take on directly the parasitic institutions that have assumed the role of the government through bribery, intimidation, outsourcing and secret governance over the past two decades.

The Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal

The best way to create such institutions is by making a demand for criminal prosecution of those behind the drive for war, a demand that is backed by arguments which are so scientific, so rational, so persuasive, so focused, and so relevant that even those who were distracted by social media and pornography, by narcissistic images of their crudely glorified role in government or society, will be forced to recognize what is wrong, and the government will be compelled, against its own collective will, to actually serve the function of government as defined by the Constitution.

There is one effort underway that could serve a transformative role as we struggle to avoid the impending chaos and destruction.

I am referring to the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal.

The “merchants of death” refers to the arms manufacturers who make obscene profits from the murder of civilians and the destruction of communities and nature by war. These firms lobby and bribe government officials, the media, and public intellectuals in the United States, Israel, and Great Britain in particular, but in NATO and other allied nations in general, to support the current drive for total war, and to force through the complete militarization of the economy.

These arms manufacturers are not the only parties responsible, but they are directly connected to all the billionaires, to all private equity firms, and to all the public relations and private intelligence firms that form the heart of the beast.

These merchants of death have played the most visible role and their illegal and immoral actions are the most easily understood by the citizens of the United States.

We must support the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal that was launched on November 12, 2023 to bring these arms manufacturers to justice for their crimes by employing carefully documented evidence.

The four defendants served with subpoenas by the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal are

RTX (formally known as “Raytheon”)


Lockheed Martin


General Atomics

(this last corporation is selected because of its important role in the promotion of drones and robots as part of a shift to mechanized autonomous killing).

This tribunal is listening to the testimony of witnesses and reviewing documentary evidence, holding up a far higher standard than the corrupt federal courts are capable of. 

The tribunal will consider how these multinational corporations distort policy, corrupt the government, and promote war and destruction. It will address how many combatants and non-combatants they have killed, who is specifically responsible, and will then issue the appropriate sentence.

Although these four companies are not the only weapons manufacturers, they are linked to every aspect of the war economy through insidious relationships with universities and primary education programs, with research, with private equity, with journalism and entertainment, with politicians and judges, and with officials in every branch of government.

These four corporations are perched at the center of the spider’s web of global finance, war profiteering, propaganda, and the destruction of federal and state governance through bribery and threats.

I believe that the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal will serve as the kernel from which will sprout a functional, ethical, and scientific system for governance in the United States that follows the Constitution and the universal values of humanity that date back to antiquity.

Over the next four months, all the citizens of the United States will have full access to the video documentaries on the crimes of these four corporations that will be available at the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal.

We will expand the authority of the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal over the next year by affirming that it carries out the function of government as defined by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in contrast with the institutions that claim to be the government but which have ceased to play the role because of 1) outsourcing of functions and responsibilities to private companies, including Israeli owned, or influenced, security and IT firms, a list that includes massive contractors like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Oracle; 2) massive illegal bribing of elected officials and public servants through lobbying, or other means; 3) the intentional propagation of disinformation by these companies that has compromised the ability of citizens to grasp this illegal takeover of the nation and therefore has destroyed the entire democratic process.

The legal and constitutional battle that has been taken up by Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal will result in the establishment of a legally and ethically authorized provisional government that will oversee the restoration of deliberative democracy in the United States in accord with the Constitution, starting with these trials and leading to a democratic and transparent election that will be held in the near future; one in which the corrupt puppets of the billionaires known as political parties, such as the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party, will play no role.

That election, and all future governance, will be carried out in accordance with a contract between the citizens and the government with no space left for multinational banks or corporations, even if they clothe their hideous features in the garb of alternative media, NGOs, or political parties.

Members of the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal

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