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The future of politics in a world dominated by technocracy and omniwar

Emanuel Pastreich and David Hughes

I am joined by Professor David Hughes author of an extraordinary book that describes the reality of politics today in the United States in an age of global technological control and mass psychological manipulation. His book “COVID-19: Psychological Operations and the War for Technocracy” is available as a download for free for all citizens of the world, and gives the most accurate description of what we are facing today, without any of the blame the masons, blame the Jews, blame the Vatican, the radical left, or the MAGA fascists, blame Satan and space aliens rhetoric that is thrown into much of what we read.

I want to ask David’s advice today about what sort of politics we need locally, nationally, and internationally to respond to this unprecedented challenge, and I do so as a candidate in the “Fear No Evil” campaign who intends to actually take on the entire system, in the sense that John Brown took on institutionalized slavery, or the Warsaw Ghetto uprising took on fascism. Change the discourse by refusing to compromise on anything.

David’s book “COVID-19: Psychological Operations and the War for Technocracy” provides much of the detail for the hidden war that I have tried to address in my speeches. He limns the current “omniwar” of a tiny elite against most of humanity with considerable accuracy. I highly recommend this book which can be download here.

David is now leaving academia and is reliant on public support to continue his work, e.g. to write Volume 2 of "Covid-19," Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy. Please consider supporting his work via: 

"FEAR NO EVIL" Emanuel Pastreich 2024 Campaign
Emanuel Pastreich, independent candidate for president of the United States, and journalist Peter Morris engage in open discussion of the real challenges we face with you. We do not hide from the true threats facing Americans, and we refuse to submit to limited hangouts, to promote cardboard messiahs, or to engage in narcissistic discussions about the insigificant. The discussion is directly linked to action as described in Pastreich's book "How to Take Down the Billionaires," and as practiced by Green Liberty.
Do join us and support us because we are running the only real campaign in 2024, one that will go to the finish line because we have NO intention of recognizing as president any of these puppets of global finance, private intelligence, foreign lobbying cartels, or billonaires--who wipe their rear ends with the Constitution. Better to follow the Constitution and to be blocked from the ballot than stoop down to take dark money from criminals, seen and unseen. The truth goes marching on. Come with us.
Leading the struggle to win back control of the United States from the parasite class.